Mistress Jay and Mistress Victoria Yorkshire Chambers, Huddersfield.

Hello, My little subbies, sluts, kinksters and of course you worthless slaves!

I am pleased to announce that from the end of next week, the Yorkshire Chambers will officially be up and running. We are so excited to open our doors, we can hardly contain ourselves! Mistress Jay and I (Mistress Victoria) can’t wait to try out all our new equipment and play in the various rooms on offer, at our new Chambers in Huddersfield.


From next week Myself, Mistress Victoria and Mistress Jay will be available to be served and worshiped in double Dom session’s and of course tailor made solo sessions.

To arrange a session with Mistress Jay call: 07879087397

To arrange a session with Mistress Victoria call: 07554597701

Mistress JayIMG_0205

Here at the Yorkshire Chambers We have a variety of guest Mistresses available for your servitude, including Mistress Jay’s old time friend and partner in crime, the beautiful Mistress Saskia formally of the Yorkshire dungeon in Huddersfield and My very good friend the sissy slut’s dream Princess Salome sin.

             Mistress Saskia                          Princess Salome Sin  


For guest Mistress availability always check the blog around the time you want to session or contact Myself or Mistress Jay and We will be happy to help.

More news! Myself and Mistress Jay have decided to pass on our knowledge and We have found the perfect lady soon to be Dom. From the second week in April we will be training Mistress Karina at the Yorkshire Chambers. Ask Me or Mistress Jay if you would like our new Mistress to come in and be apart of your session…….however do take in to account that there will be a small fee on top of your tribute to cover the trainee’s travel cost.


 Submissive Amy

If you are the more dominant type or just fancy being in control We have a submissive called Amy who is ready and available to serve you!

To arrange a booking call: 07704074573



So, bye for now…… Can’t wait to see you very soon at the Yorkshire Chambers!

Mistress Victoria. x

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